Melbourne Office Cleaning

We’re Officekeeping, and we’re The Melbourne Office Cleaning Experts.

Why do you ask? What makes us the experts?

Well, here at Officekeeping we understand that no two offices are the same, so we make it our mission to work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding about how their business runs, so our service magically happens behind the scenes.

About Your Service

We offer regular ongoing cleaning sessions for all your mess-related needs, and we can also assist with sourcing kitchen and bathroom amenities. We supply all our own cleaning equipment, and we’ve even taken the time to formulate our own All-Natural cleaning products. 

With our ongoing Melbourne office cleaning service, we’ll maintain your office space with our thorough service that includes cleaning all bathrooms, kitchens, workspaces, and meeting rooms.

What’s Included In Your Service

Read on to see an exhaustive list of the tasks we’ll complete each visit:

  • Cleaning of the reception area
  • Cleaning of the kitchenette
  • Cleaning of the bathrooms
  • Cleaning of all desks and workstations
  • Routine cleaning of all horizontal surface- bookshelves, coffee tables etc
  • Straightening and general tidy of furniture and decor items
  • Wiping over and disinfecting light switches
  • Routinely wash and spot clean low-level windows
  • Collect and dispose of the office rubbish
  • Vacuum and wash floors

Customise Your Service

We know a well maintained office can really drive-up employee productivity and help create a positive impression on clients.

We also know that a busy office could do with a little extra help to keep it running smoothly… So, we’ve created a number of additional services that we think you’ll love!

The Officekeeping Difference

To ensure our service continues to run like magic, we have a 24/7 Reception service to handle your after-hours requests. You’ll also be appointed your very own Account Manager to handle all your mess-related needs- personally. And of course, we’re fully insured and believe in transparent, simple pricing.

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