Commercial Office Cleaning Melbourne
The Podcast for Office Managers and Business Owners

If you're an office manager, business owner or someone who manages a team of people, this Is the podcast for you. Join your host, Mac Smerdon as he shares his tips and hacks and brings you inspiring interviews from influential thought leaders- all with the sole purpose of helping you keep your office organised.

Meet Your Host

Hi, my name is Mac. I help busy Melbourne offices achieve more, and stay clean and organised with the help of my Office Cleaning and Office Maintenance service, Officekeeping.

When I’m not busy dusting, or creating actionable and relevant tips for office managers and business owners- I love exploring local Melbourne parks and chilling out at a Yoga class.

If you’re interested in learning more about my story, and how my business Officekeeping came about, please read on.

Commercial Office Cleaning Melbourne Mac Smerdon


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