The Officekeeping Podcast | Episode: Trailer | Show Notes

The Officekeeping Podcast | Episode: Trailer | Show Notes


Are you ready for this? I am!! Im so excited to share with you the trailer of The Officekeeping Podcast. In this sneak peak episode I give you a quick introduction to myself and drop a little tease of whats to come in Episode 1of the podcast.

In the podcast I cover the following:

Who is the host of the show?
Outside of this podcast hosting, I run my own office cleaning and maintenance service- Officekeeping
Details of the upcoming episode of the Podcast
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Feel free to contact me via email at

Links Mentioned:

If you’re a Melbourne office and are interested in discussing the possibility of hosting your own Melbourne Office Cleaning service, please reach out




Hello and welcome to the sneak peek episode of The Officekeeping Podcast. I’m your host Mac Smerdon


If you’re an office manager a business owner or someone who manages a team of people. This Is the podcast for you. Join me each episode as I share my tips and hacks and bring you inspiring interviews from influential thought leaders. All with the sole purpose of helping you keep your office organised.


Hello. Yes hello. I am so excited to have you here. Hello and welcome to the official trailer of the office keeping podcast podcast for office managers and business owners.


Now you’re probably wondering Who am I. So let me tell you. First up. My name is Mac Smerdon. Your host. Yes obviously and the creator of office keeping. Now this podcast has actually been a long time in the making. I bought this podcasting Mic about four years ago and I’ve been meaning to do it. Been too scared to do it. But the last couple weeks I was like you know Mac you just got to do it. So here I am.


So outside of creating this podcasts I help busy Melbourne offices to help them achieve more and stay clean and organised with the help of my cleaning and maintenance service Officekeeping. Now when I’m not busy dusting or meeting with my amazing clients I really love exploring the outdoors and I really love discovering new Melbourne parks. I’m so blessed and so so thankful to live in such a beautiful part of Australia. Now when I’m not bushwalking I can often be found obsessing over my recently adopted cat Charlie. Now if you ever hear ‘ding’ in the background or scratching it’s probably him so just a heads up and apologies in advance.


Now in the upcoming first episode of this podcast I will be taking you behind the scenes of my own small business that coincidentally shares the same name as this podcast. Now in that episode I’ll share my business journey with you and share my key learnings of how I did a pivot after splitting with my previous business partner. Now I have big goals for this show and I can’t wait to share it with you in the months and hopefully years to come. So thank you so much for tuning into this episode. It really means the absolute world to me especially since it took me so long to get here right.


Now as my way of expressing my gratitude to you for tuning into this trailer. I have created a free e-book titled 10 tips to creating an organised office. So if you’d like to grab yourself a copy. Head on over to and download it for yourself.


Now I look forward to chatting to you in a few weeks time as I launch the very first episode of the podcasts. But in the meantime if you have any feedback questions or if you just want to have a chat feel free to reach out. I’m here to help. I’ll pop all my contact details in the show notes page of this episode which can be found at


I’ll chat to you later. Bye for now.


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