Tips To Creating An Organised Office

Tips To Creating An Organised Office

In today’s episode, I share my top ten tips to creating an organised office. Whether you’re an office manager, a business owner, or someone with a side hustle and working from home, you’re bound to find some useful tips and pointers in this episode.

When working in a team environment, there’s one thing for certain- shared spaces get messy, and they get messy fast. Stacks of paper, pieces of mail, leftovers from last week’s team meeting can really start piling up causing a cluttered mess. 




Here is a list of links mentioned in Episode 3 of The Officekeeping Podcast

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Office Organisation Tip 1

Office Tip #01 Tidy your desk throughout the day, and clear everything before leaving work.

Office Organisation Tip 2

Office Tip #02

Opt for a work journal or notebook to keep track of all your handwritten notes.

Our favourites are:


Canvast is a dateless yearly planner for boss women. Say hello to the sidekick that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it. View the Canvast Journal/Notebook here


Make organising your life simple with Kikki.k’s stylish planners. Giving you the perfect place to keep all your to-do lists, notes and bits and pieces in order, these daily planners, weekly planners and personal compendiums make it easy to map out the important events in your life. Choose from dated and undated planners, and get the most from every day. View all the planners from Kikki.K here

Office Organisation Tip 3

Office Tip #03

Go paperless to help cut clutter and do your little bit for the environment.

If you use pen and paper to jot down to-do lists or 4 am ideas, Trello is a nifty little project management tool that can be customised to meet any requirement. Check out Lorrain Virtual’s article for her secrets to a successful setup. View the article here

Office Organisation Tip 4

Office Tip #04 Keep microfibre cloths and bench spray handy for easy clean-ups.

When disaster strikes and you spill your mug of Soy Chai over the bench, keeping a microfibre cloth and some bench spray handy will become your saviour. At Officekeeping, we formulate our own all-natural Multi-Surface Cleanser that’s infused with Lemon Myrtle essential oil. Get in touch if you would like a sample.

Office Organisation Tip 5

Office Tip #05 Throw out leftovers from the office fridge every week.

The office fridge can become a germ war-zone. Make it an ‘office rule’ that the fridge will be emptied weekly (say Friday evening) unless items are clearly labelled.

Office Organisation Tip 6

Chuck out the clutter. Plain and simple- chuck it out. 

Office Organisation Tip 7

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Offices are communal spaces shared by many, and they can quickly become crowded. One way of keeping an organised office is making sure everything has a designated place, and everything’s in its place. 

If you need a little help getting your office organised, reach-out to us as we have created an Office Organisation service to solve this very problem.

Office Organisation Tip 8

Invest in additional storage for office essentials.

Adding an extra bookshelf, or a storage cabinet in the stockroom are great ways to organise office necessities. Chelsea from I Heart Bargains did a segment showcasing some really great storage solutions from The Reject Shop- Watch the Video Here

Office Organisation Tip 9

Use a label maker to keep everything in order. I bet your label maker will become the new office pet. 

Office Organisation Tip 10

Hire office cleaners to help maintain a clean and organised office all your hard work. And lucky for you, you’re in the right place- View our Melbourne office cleaning services here

Bonus Tip

Surround your office space with items that fuel your creativity to help boost your productivity. Go back and listen to Episode 2 and learn how Fallon Anderson-Barr designed her home studio.

If you’re a Busy Melbourne office and are interested in discussing the possibility of hosting your own Melbourne Office Cleaning service, let’s chat.


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