10 Tips For Keeping a Tidy Office

10 Tips For Keeping a Tidy Office

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Shared spaces get messy- fast. Stacks of paper, pieces of mail, leftovers from last week’s team meeting can really start piling up causing a cluttered mess. Follow these ten tips for keeping a tidy office.

Tip 1- Tidy your desk throughout the day, and clear everything before leaving work

With coffee mugs, food and piles of paper all regular features of our working day, desks can acquire a build-up of dirt and clutter rather quickly. Try keeping your work surface clutter free during the day to maximise productivity, and throw out any unnecessary items at the end of the day. If you have a dedicated work-space and not a ‘hot/community desk’, make it a part of your afternoon routine to pack everything away, making way for an organised, clean desk for the next workday.

Tip 2- Opt for a work journal or notebook to keep track of all your handwritten notes

If you’re like me, I prefer to make hand written notes when thinking through a problem (I even brainstormed these very tips on paper before typing them up!). Having hand written notes can sometimes get a little out of hand, as I often had notes all over the desk (and floor, and bedroom, and stuck to the fridge- I work from home you see). I have since opted for a work journal/notebook to keep all my ideas in the one place.Opt for a work journal or notebook to keep track of all your handwritten notes

Tip 3- Go paperless to help cut the clutter and do your little bit for the environment

If you’re not like me, and don’t have to hand write prior to typing, perhaps you could go a step further and try going paperless completely! There are some amazing apps available for your devices than can help keep your notes organised. And, always think twice before printing any documents.

Tip 4- Keep spare microfibre cloths and bench spray handy for easy clean-ups

When disaster strikes and you spill your mug of lemongrass and ginger tea over the bench, keeping a microfibre cloth and some bench spray handy will become your saviour. Keeping a bottle of spray and a few extra cloths under the office sink is a great way to keeping a tidy office.

Tip 5- Throw out leftover food from the fridge every week

Since we’re already in the kitchen, we should turn our attention to the fridge. When sharing a kitchen with colleagues, chances are that not everybody will have the same clean standards. The fridge can often fill up with employees lunches and office leftovers. Make it an ‘office rule’ that the fridge will be emptied weekly (say Friday evening) unless items are clearly labelled.

Tip 6- Chuck out the clutter

Having a clutter free office so important for portraying a professional and controlled environment. People will often make assumptions about you based on your workspace. Post-it notes stuck to the monitor, Kris Kringle gifts from three years ago, that dead succulent that was meant to live forever. When was the last time you used it? If it’s not referred to or used at least weekly, it doesn’t need to be there. Chuck. It. Out.10 Tips for keeping a tidy office | Office Cleaning Melbourne

Tip 7- A place for everything, and everything in its place

Offices are communal spaces shared by many, and they can quickly become crowded. One way of keeping a tidy office is making sure everything has a designated place, and everything is in it’s place. Do all the mugs have their designated spot in the cupboard? Do all books have a place on the shelf? Do all office documents have a designated file?

Tip 8- Invest in additional storage for office essentials

If you don’t have a place for everything after you’ve chucked out all the clutter (refer to Tip number six) you may need to invest in additional storage items. Adding an extra bookshelf, or a storage cabinet in the stock room are great ways to organise office necessities.

Tip 9- Use a label maker to keep everything in order

Let me just say- I love my label maker! I’ve even gone as far as making labels for my bulk spices that I have at home. It might sound silly, but its very helpful. Try using a label maker to label your in/out trays, the shelf where the mugs go in the kitchen, files, light switches, the salad wrap you’re having for lunch! Okay, maybe not the lunch, but you get my drift. Labels help everyone to keep things in order.  Office Cleaners Melbourne

Tip 10- Hire office cleaners to help maintain all your hard work

Hiring the right office cleaners can make a world of difference in keeping a tidy office. And lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Officekeeping we have a number of services to help keep your Melbourne Office clean, organised and safe for your staff and clients.

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