The Officekeeping Story

The Officekeeping Story

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Mac Smerdon: Officekeeping Business Owner

Hi, my name is Mac. I help busy Melbourne offices achieve more, and stay clean and organised with the help of my cleaning and maintenance service, Officekeeping. When I’m not busy dusting, or meeting with my amazing clients- I love exploring local Melbourne parks and chilling out at a Yoga class. If you’re interested in learning more about my story, and how Officekeeping came about, please read on.


In 2011, I moved to Melbourne from Cairns (QLD) to complete a Marketing Degree at RMIT. During my studies, I met my then-partner, Vincent and we created the boutique housekeeping service- Personal Housekeeping Services.


In my career outside of running a cleaning service; I’ve worked in five star hotels and resorts; large and small retail chains, and more recently as a Butler/PA. All these roles, although very different, have taught me two main learnings: One, The importance of attention to detail; and Two, Customer service and satisfaction. Infusing these two learnings into Personal Housekeeping Services with Vincent, it really allowed us to build trust with our clients, which in-turn helped us grow a successful business together.


During the six-and-a-half-year period Vincent and I worked together, we gained so much experience and insight into the cleaning industry. Many of our clients who owned their own businesses, invited us into the workplace to provide our cleaning service, allowing us to transition into the commercial cleaning space.


Working and living so closely together took its toll, and Vincent and I decided to sadly separate- and with that, end our business partnership.  Although it was a very challenging time for me personally; I truly believe that some of life’s hardest challenges are really life’s best lesson.


I absolutely loved the diversity and unique opportunities of having a cleaning service, so I’ve dusted myself off, and have decided to start over. I’m excited to introduce you to, Officekeeping.

If you’re interested in hosting your own Officekeeping service at your Melbourne office, please contact us.

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