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How Often Should You Have Your Office Cleaned?

When deciding on how often you should have your office cleaned, really depends on a number of factors. The size of your office space, the number of team members working in the office, and the level of foot traffic that pass through the office on a daily basis, are all contributing factors to the recommended number of cleans. As a guideline, Officekeeping suggest a minimum of one clean weekly.

For small office teams with low foot traffic, one clean a week might be sufficient. A weekly cleaning service will ensure that dust and general office grime is kept to a minimum, ensuring you provide a clean and tidy working environment for your team.

If you have a large office space, and usually meet with your clients at your premises, we suggest increasing your number of cleans to three, or even five a week.

The benefits of having an office cleaner are plentiful. If you’re interested in chatting, we can arrange for a one-on-one Consultation with our business owner, Mac Smerdon, who can offer suggestions on how often you should have your office cleaned- simply Contact Us.

At Officekeeping, we know that no two offices are created equal, so we have a number of service packages that are highly customisable to ensure that your Melbourne office is clean, organised and safe. For your convenience, we have a blog post on How To Choose The Best Office Cleaning Package For Your Melbourne Office that details the differences between our Service Packages.