Office cleaning and maintenance Melbourne Mac Smerdon

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

The cost of our service really depends on a number of factors. The size of your office space, the number of team members working in the office, and the level of foot traffic that pass through the office on a daily basis, are all contributing factors to the price. We know every office is different, and we believe pricing should reflect this.

At Officekeeping, we know that no two offices are created equal, so we have a number of service packages that are highly customisable to ensure that your Melbourne office is clean, organised and safe. For your convenience, we have a blog post on How To Choose The Best Office Cleaning Package For Your Melbourne Office that details the differences between our Service Packages.

If you’re interested in chatting, we can arrange for a one-on-one Consultation with our business owner, Mac Smerdon, who can offer a quote- simply Contact Us.