How To Choose The Best Office Cleaning Service Package For Your Melbourne Office

How To Choose The Best Office Cleaning Service Package For Your Melbourne Office

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Whenever I meet with potential clients, either on the phone or in person at their Melbourne Office, I’m often asked which package, from our offerings I recommend for them. To make it easy in helping you choose the best Office Cleaning Service Package for your Melbourne office, I have put together this brief guide that gives an overview of our three different package options.


Depending on your offices foot-traffic, and the number of team members working in your space, the below graph makes it simple to gauge an idea of the service package appropriate to your Melbourne office.Now that you have an understanding of the Service Package most appropriate to your office, read the below information to gain a deeper understanding of each service type.

Standard Service Package

Our Standard Service Package is a great plan for small offices with up to 5 team members, who have a low-moderate foot traffic. Our Standard Service Package is a once a week service.

Premium Service Package

The Premium Service Package is the perfect plan for moderately busy offices who want to make an impression on visiting clients. With this plan, you’ll receive three services a week.  It’s a great mid-range plan that suites offices with 5-15 team members, with moderate foot traffic.


Executive Service Package

Our Executive Service Plan was created for those busy offices who need all the bells and whistles, and are serious about providing an immaculate space for their team, and really strive to make an impact on their visiting clients. This package consists of a Daily Service and is a great option for offices with high foot traffic.


If you have any questions, comments, or if you’re interested in hosting your own Officekeeping service at your Melbourne office, don’t hesitate to call us on the phone, or send us an email. We’re always here the help.

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