Commercial Office Cleaning Melbourne

It takes a lot of work to run an office..

...And there’s not always time.

Actually, you know what? Scratch that. There’s never enough time to worry about leftover coffee cups, or paper stacks, or that cupboard in the kitchen no one has dealt with since Susan from Accounts left for her long service leave.

A busy office doesn’t have to be a messy office.

We know what office life looks like – and we know what it takes to win the war against coffee cups.

Let us help you keep your office clean & organised – so you have more time to focus on the things that matter.

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What’s the magic of Officekeeping?

**Wingardium Leviosa**

We are aware of the different dynamics that different offices have – and fully respect them.

We know no two offices are alike, so why treat them the same?

The cleaning service you receive is fully customised to meet the needs of your office and make your employees productive and happy.

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Office cleaning and maintenance Melbourne Mac Smerdon

We don't get in your way!

 Our cleaning services run completely behind the scenes.

At the same time, our Account Manager is always available to answer any questions you may have, 24/7.

Just like magic, right?

Let’s make your office a place where teams love working in
even on Mondays.

Office Cleaning, Organisation & Maintenance

Work clutter has got nothing on us - maximise office productivity and make your office a place employees love working in.

zOffice Cleaning, Organisation & Maintenance

Customise Your Cleaning Plan Depending On Your Needs

Bearing in mind that each office is different and has different needs, we’ve come up with a pricing method that enables you to make the most out of your cleaning service.

3 Starting Packages & 10 Add-On Services Available

First, choose your starting package and then top it off with additional services to fully tailor your deal!

3 Starting Packages & 10 Add-On Services Available

Starting With Us Is As
Easy As 1, 2, 3!

No lock-in contract, no long meetings, no fuss.

How to get started?

Making your office a place where teams love working in is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Reserve Your

Contact us to reserve a consultation and we visit your office to get to know each other better. You tell us all about your business and your specific needs – and we let you know what would be the best cleaning solution for your business.

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Select Your
Service Package

Based on your office size and foot traffic – yes, that’s a real thing! – choose one of the three basic packages to get started.

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Customise Your Package
With Add-On Options

Working closely together, we discuss any add-on services you’d like to top your package with. In the end, your Officekeeping solution is custom-made and unique – just like your business.

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The Cleaning Company You Can Trust

You don’t compromise when it comes to safety - and neither do we.

Police Checked Members

All team members are police checked prior to, and routinely during their employment with Officekeeping.

Fully Insured

Rest easy knowing that we're backed by Allianz Business Insurance

Trained Employees

No subcontractors - all cleaning agents are trained and employed by Officekeeping

Guaranteed Service

All properties are routinely audited by the business owner to ensure that your office space remains clean, safe, and organised

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Office cleaning and maintenance Melbourne Mac Smerdon

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The Lost Dogs Foundation

Charity Partnership

For every new client that hosts an Officekeeping service at their office, we will pledge $50 to The Lost Dogs Foundation.

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